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IF Mugabe is to apologise for Gukurahundi, then the Ndebeles will have to do the same.

WHO runs town councils; is it the mayor and the councillors or is it Dr Chombo? Please I need an answer because I want to decide where to place my vote in the next election.

MORGAN Tsvangirai must forget about the apostolic sects. If they have been entertaining Mugabe for years then they are not of the true God. I suggest you pray with TB Joshua. Raise your faith, Tsvangirai.
Faith, Mutare.

ECONET wireless’ service has been appalling to say the least. I am not so sure if the 90-day base stations and upgrading noise they made was a good idea. GPRS connects 20% of the time the whole month. I have even stopped subscribing. When you try to air genuine concerns they brush you away.
Hurt, OS.

GOVERNMENT has no right to dictate or direct NGOs’ work because in the event of waning public support as was the case with the Zanu PF government, the aid will be used to buy votes in perceived enemy zones while it will be distributed generously in support bases. Be advised minister Mushonga. Have you forgotten how the NGOs saved lives when people could not buy (never mind access) food without a Zanu PF card? Leave the NGOs to operate freely.

MENTALLY challenged Amos Mahendere has proved that he possesses the highest level of intellectual dwarfness by involving himself in the production of jingles. I doubt if he even has a grade seven certificate.

MAY the authorities at Zifa fire Henrietta Rushwaya once and for all. We are tired of her.

THE suspension of Henrietta is just the tip of the iceberg of what has been happening at Zifa House. A lot of money and a lot of deals have gone unnoticed. One wonders why it took so long for this case to be reported, or is it just another case of a deal that went wrong and the bitter one decided to expose his colleagues.
Dig Deeper.

ECONET must seriously consider using the Internet for registration of lines. Why is it that they are failing to emulate their competitors; are they just ignorant?
Catch up.

THE clamping and towing away of vehicles has had little or no effect in reducing congestion and road carnage in the city. The municipal police are now so corrupt that they just get bribes, rendering the whole process futile.

SERVICE delivery continues to deteriorate in Chitungwiza and the city fathers are silent as if there is nothing wrong. One really wonders whether these people take us seriously or not. How will they even attract investors to come and open shop in a town with sewage flowing all over?

IS there hope for ZTV1? It’s amazing that in this day and age the broadcaster has the audacity to broadcast films which are so old as to have lost relevance to present day viewers. ZBC should treat its viewers with dignity.
Come On.

THE speech by President Mugabe at his sister’s funeral really left many questions unanswered. How do you explain that a person who had a third of her brain dead was in parliament for so long? This clearly shows that African politics does not choose people according to their capabilities, but according to which party they belong to.

WELSHMAN Ncube should just go ahead and challenge the status quo. Mutambara can be replaced. JC Maxwell says everything rises and falls on leadership. If the party is not doing well then the problem is the head. This is clear democracy where anyone can be changed for progress’ sake.

Nathaniel Manheru is so irrelevant. He is a classical example of someone who does not know how to communicate.

HOW authentic are the organisers of the Akon show. One does not want to rush and buy tickets lest one is disappointed when the show becomes a no-show.
Once bitten.

WE are sick and tired of endless jingles by the national broadcaster. The licence fees we are being asked to pay are a rip off. We will not pay fees to see women gyrating their bottoms in support of Zanu PF.
No Licence.

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