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Top cops fingered in corrupt wrangle

TOP police officers have been fingered in an asset firm ownership wrangle, accused of corruptly fighting in the corner of former Assetfin Pvt (Ltd) director Oniyas Gumbo to block alleged fraud cases against him.

Gumbo is involved in a bitter ownership wrangle for Assetfin with the firm’s current directors, Antony Parehwa and Paul Chidawanyika.
In documents sent to Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri and head of police internal investigations, Superintendent Godfrey Dengu, Assetfin alleged that Gumbo — a former director-general of ZBC — had sought the help of the head of Harare police serious frauds section, Senior Assistant Commissioner Simon Nyathi, Superintendent Edward Marodza, a Detective Inspector Taruvinga and Detective Assistant Inspector Mukhululi Nyoni to fight in his corner.
The policemen were allegedly arresting and harassing Parehwa and Chidawanyika; and deputy registrar of deeds and companies Willie Mushayi in a bid to cover up Gumbo’s alleged fraud charges.
According to the report compiled by Parehwa and Chidawanyika, Gumbo is allegedly looting Assetfin’s property.
Gumbo, who resigned as director from Assetfin on October 12 2007, holds 50% shares in the firm, but is claiming the other 50% stake belonging to Unitime Investments Private Limited, read the report.
Criminal Investigations Department spokesperson Detective Inspector Augustine Zimbili yesterday confirmed that police were investigating the case.
“We understand that there is a wrangle over control of Assetfin and there have been accusations and counter accusations by the directors,” he said. “We are approaching the matter cautiously to see who is right and who is wrong.”
Zimbili declined to comment on the report that was handed over to Chihuri and Dengu by Assetfin. Efforts to get a comment from Gumbo yesterday were fruitless as he was not reachable on his mobile phone.
The police officers named in the bitter wrangle are facing a lawsuit in the High Court, case number HC 3607/10, for interfering with state witnesses, upholding corruption and violating the Companies Act by interfering in smooth running of a commercial company.
The report to Chihuri and Dengu indicated that Gumbo and the police officers had defied court rulings on several occasions.
The documents reveal Gumbo’s alleged unlawful transfer of properties worth US$2,4 million from Unitime Investments to his own company Ansellia, CR 36/06/08. The properties were transferred for only Z$9 000 in 2008.
Marodza allegedly interfered in the case, which the Attorney-General’s office is yet to prosecute since June 2008.
According to the documents, Gumbo’s alleged criminal activities covered up by the police include making people sign documents under duress, case number CR 387/06/10, and creation of fraudulent papers purporting to make him a sole shareholder in a document entitled Shareholding Nominee Agreement, reported under CR  13013/2/09. Gumbo allegedly stole properties owned by Assetfin and transferred them to his personal companies and friends.
The case was reported to the Anti-Corruption Commission on April 22, CR 36/06/08, and at Harare Central Police Station, CR 488/07/10.
“In order to cover up the above cases Oniyas Gumbo corruptly solicited the help of the following; Superintendent Marodza, D A I Nyoni, D I Taruvinga of ZRP serious frauds and he has been name dropping Senior Assistant Commissioner Nyathi as his friend to cover up and maintain his lies and resist arrest,” read the Assetfin report. “He has made false counter reports with the assistance of Superintendent Marodza, D A I Nyoni, D I Taruvinga who cite the blessing of Senior Assistant Commissioner Nyathi in opening counter report and arrests.”
According to a letter dated June 20 2010 signed by Mushayi, the CR 14 showing Oniyas Gumbo and Emilda Mapanzure as directors of Assetfin was fraudulently acquired as confirmed by an affidavit signed by the latter.
“The CR14 filed by Ms Emilda Tendai Mapanzure and supposedly registered on 27 June 2007 is indeed irregular. Her affidavit attached to the letter of 8 June 2010 in which she disowns that document confirms that the said CR14 cannot be authentic legal record,” wrote Mushayi. “With the documentary evidence at hand the CR14 listed as Appendix 6 in the letter of 8 June 2010 listing Paul Hupenyu Esau Chidawanyika and Antony Taengwa Parehwa as the current directors of Assetfin Pvt Ltd is the true record of the company’s directorship.”
Chief registrar of deeds and companies, an F Maredza, however, said Mushayi’s decision should be ignored since the wrangle is now at the High Court.
Mushayi was arrested last month and appeared in court on allegations of abusing public office. He allegedly showed favour to Parehwa,thereby discrediting Gumbo and Mapanzure as directors of Assetfin.

Brian Chitemba

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