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ANC govt letting Zim down

THE ANC government in South Africa is fully behind President Robert Mugabe’s tyranny. For the past years this government has been propping up the dictatorship in Harare.

During the time of apartheid the ANC called for sanctions against the apartheid government. The Zanu PF regime is nearly as bad as the apartheid regime but the ANC supports them and oppose every move that sanctions be applied against them.
Zimbabweans continue to face serious human rights abuses, poverty and deliberate starvation. Opponents are being murdered, beaten and tortured.
Right now the MDC T treasurer Roy Bennett has fled to South Africa. It shows that the situation in Zimbabwe is precarious. The so-called Government of National Unity has failed to work. Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai should pull out.
I call upon Zimbabweans everywhere and friends of Zimbabwe to challenge the position of the ANC over Zimbabwe.
The South African government must stop resuming deportation of Zimbabweans under the pretext that there is now political stability in Zimbabwe.
Zimbabwe must be free from Zanu PF terror. Innocent people continue to suffer. Millions of Zimbabweans are living in South Africa as second class citizens, facing the problems of discrimination, tribalism, xenophobia, violence and poverty.
We should not continue living under the illusion that South Africa is helping us. The MDC T should confront the South African government.
The MDC is where it is today because of Zimbabweans who gave them the mandate to govern not because of South Africa. Even if South African politicians refuse to support the MDC, it can still rely on the West and other allies.
Zimbabwe is not a province of South Africa. Zimbabweans should refuse such absurdity. Zimbabwe is an independent nation. And only citizens should determine who should rule. As for Zanu PF it has been rejected by the people.
Zimbabweans should put aside whatever differences we have and unite for democracy and change which is imperatively needed in our country.
Now is the time to complete the change. Now is the time to rise up in courage and claim our country from thieves, dictators and their supporters wherever they are.

Foundation of Reason & Justice,

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