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I READ that Morgan Tsvangirai wants to take Robert Mugabe to court over some constitutional issues. It will not work! This is because the judicial system is loyal to the man who appointed them into office. The process will be long and cumbersome and success is unlikely.


ROBERT Mugabe has never faced an opponent as courageous as Morgan Tsvangirai. Those who are calling for Tsvangirai’s head can never face or bear the pain that the man has endured up to this day.
Mwana wevhu.

A PARTY without a leadership renewal strategy and a clear succession plan is doomed to fail. Putting faith in a “young” old man will mark the end of Zanu PF.

WE say no to lifting of sanctions on Robert Mugabe and his cronies until there are major reforms in governance and the rule of law.
Political Activist.

HOW can we talk of an inclusive government when Robert Mugabe has all the powers? He is only using the unity government to try to remove sanctions and continue ruling.

HOW can Theresa Makone, Tendai Biti and other MDC-T leaders spend hours begging the police to allow a meeting to proceed? Where is their leadership  and authority? It is just pathetic.  They showed how weak they are in this government.

THE MDC-T leadership seem to have neglected to beef up the grassroots structures. They need to urgently address this so that they won’t be caught flat-footed.

ARTHUR Mutambara’s arrogance and delusion blow me away. He thinks he is the only mature one of the three principals and he is not selfish. He claims Tendai Biti and Nelson Chamisa are enjoying power and are begging him to tell Robert Mugabe to delay elections.Why then does he want to prolong the GNU that is failing the electorate ?

ARTHUR Mutambara is a liability not only to his party, but to himself. At the rate at which he puts his foot in his mouth, MDC-M will not have any sympathisers let alone voters.

LET true justice prevail please in the Roy Bennett issue. Bennett is being prevented from serving the only country he has –– Zimbabwe –– by selfish, greedy, racist and unrepentant elements.
REAL empowerment starts with the enactment of sound economic policies. We should do away with policies that have already disempowered the people over the past decade.

CHIEFS should guard against being used by politicians. They should allow their people to choose the political leaders that they want freely.
Kamba, Zvimba.

TO me such people as Jairos Jiri, Ndabaningi Sithole, Welshman Mabhena and Joshua Nkomo are the true heroes of Zimbabwe.

I AM glad that Welshman Mabhena did not want to be buried at the Heroes Acre. The shrine has been corrupted by burying undeserving people there.

ZIMSEC really needs help. Can they explain why examination paper leakages have become an annual event?  Since 2004, or even earlier, they have failed to deal with that simple issue. It must be gross incompetence on the part of administrators. Furthermore a lot of money is being wasted with the reprinting of extra papers. Heads must roll at Zimsec before their certificates are rendered useless outside the country. We want good and quality education.
Mbiriri  T.

THE provision of clean water must be a priority to every council. Rimuka township residents have not had clean water for some time and this has put the residents at risk of contracting water borne diseases.
Teawise, Kadoma.

SEWAGE has started flowing again in Kuwadzana. It seems that someone misappropriated funds because there are some sections where old pipes were not replaced.

THE relevant authorities should explain to us the pothole-tortured motorists whose pockets the toll gate revenue has been lining. When they will start to be serious over the issue?  The money is definitely not going where it should.

IS there anyone who has actually talked to a consultant when they called the Econet Call Centre? Econet should wake up and smell the coffee. They will lose out if more competitors come in.

IN the name of civility, ubuntu and decency nobody must use violence as a tool to coerce voters to vote whichever way come election time in 2011. There is absolutely no reason for employing violence.

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