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Current leaders a hopeless lot

IT’S all well and good mentioning what needs to be done in this country. But the important fact is that those with the authority to effect those changes do not prioritise them. We have a government that wants to be in power at all cost.

They are not interested in fiscal discipline or sound monetary policies. They are not bothered about access to education or improving the standards. They are not worried about industrial development. They are not worried about serious agrarian development and reforms — as seen by their looting of commercial farms and privately owned company resources.
They are not worried about the health delivery system or the provision thereof to every citizen. They are not bothered about public security or  protecting the rights of the citizens as demonstrated by the lack of discipline in the military. Police corruption is rife with road blocks set up at every corner to extort money from the population. So the recovery of Zesa, TelOne, Noczim and Air Zimbabwe is not possible without a change of the political leadership of the country simply because how those companies must be rejuvenated is beyond the scope of the current lot. The large conglomerates need to be brought in to partner the government. 
Air Zimbabwe needs to sell a 50% stake to say Virgin. They would need to make capital, human resources, technological and marketing investments and come up with a new business strategy which divorces the company from politics completely. Does anyone think this government is capable of separating itself from the management and strategies of these business units? I don’t think so.


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