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Zanu PF a bane for Zim

IT is clear that as long as the people of Zimbabwe do not rise up and say enough is enough, the political problems bedeviling Zimbabwe will continue. The Prime Minister cannot make progress as long as political vultures continue to lurk.

They seem to have no other career options in life and will continue to be a major hurdle to democracy. History shows that it is Zanu PF that has brought havoc to the lives of Zimbabweans who now scavenge outside the country as refugees.
Zimbabweans have lost their pride and a whole generation has lost family ties and a sense of belonging because of Zanu PF’s intransigence. Just imagine the economic, political and social talents we have in Zimbabwe. Most of these talented people are outside the country and have no chance of ever using their skills to advance the development of their country because of the do or die politics of Zanu PF.


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