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I AM totally against the Chinese government’s involvement in Zimbabwe. Their human rights record is  atrocious. Well done Muckraker and “Hip hop artist” for raising awareness to these issues.

JOICE Mujuru understands the current dynamics of Zimbabwe’s difficult political situation and she is exercising reason in the interests of all Zimbabweans. She should be commended for this stance. Zanu PF leaders –– who are mostly geriatrics and relics of the liberation war –– should learn something from this.

BEING a woman Joice Mujuru is bound to be guided by her compassionate side and institute the return of Zimbabwe to normalcy if she were to rise to the throne. If Zanu PF is beaten she will simply accept to move the country forward and the zealots in Zanu PF will not accept that.

GET the truth, Dumiso Dabengwa is Zanu PF.  Zapu is a Zanu PF strategy to split the votes in Matabeleland. It’s a regional party and not a national entity.

IN your last edition, there was a letter entitled “Tired of being led by uninformed fanatics”. Please cross out the second “n” for it to read “uniformed fanatics”.

THE soon to come elections will present a dilemma for a weary Zimbabwean electorate. Will they retain a revolutionary party that brought Independence, the land revolution and soon empowerment through indigenisation, or the other who are champions of human rights, true democracy and meaningful reform?
The choice is quite simple, vote into power the latter party, if they don’t perform, boot them out and let the former prove that they are the revolutionary party by getting back our votes democratically. After all the revolution and democracy is about us, the people.
True revolutionary.

IT seems that Zanu PF would like to make us believe that regime change is illegal. Are elections not held to achieve that objective for opposition parties? What is illegal about that? Let’s get real guys.
Mdawini, Bulawayo.

IT is true that it was Robert Mugabe who brought democracy to Zimbabwe. But it was only a democracy if you voted for him! If you voted for someone else it is called “toppling the government”. The electorate is not allowed to vote for leaders of their choice!
MAY our politicians explain to the nation why they refer to each other and various other Zimbabweans as the enemy? Surely we are very far from achieving national healing. We need a healthy opposition, but we certainly do not need to make enemies. Politicians perceive enemies behind every bush. Are we not one nation?

MORGAN Tsvangirai must be brave. Even if he is not, he should pretend that he is because no one can tell the difference. As the people of this land, we  stand firmly behind him.
Adam, Nyanga.

MPS threatened Tendai Biti and were given a salary increment. If civil servants do the same they are ignored. The government must give us a real increment so that the private sector may also benefit as well.

PLEASE remind our traffic police that modern vehicles have in-built reflector mechanisms in the headlights. They are having a field day fining foreign registered vehicles R10 and no receipts are issued.

IN Zimbabwe we have a problem with the public media. This media is perceived by the majority of the population as partisan to one political grouping. Perhaps it would be time to reorient the public media to play their role in informing and educating the nation rather than being used as a propaganda tool for the ruling elite.

EVERYDAY we have no electricity in Kuwadzana from 6am to 9pm. Are we under sanctions from Zesa?
Mudyanemva, Kuwadzana 3.

THE government should prohibit the importation of incandescent light bulbs and make the energy-saving one mandatory. In countries like Australia, the energy savers are issued or sold at much reduced prices. Also when one boils a kettle of water for tea there should only be sufficient water to cover the element and enough for the cups of tea. Filling up a kettle to the top and using only a quarter of the hot water is wasting electricity.

ECONET has really become a pain. The whole of last weekend one could not top-up airtime. Checking for one’s balance was also a challenge, where you will get a message that informs you that the network is congested. There is no regrets or apology from this service provider. Please give us value for money. Calling other networks is still a task and a half. Is this issue ever going to be resolved?

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