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Let's make today day one of Project Rebuild Zim

Our neighbors think lowly of us, what with the treatment we get in South Africa! I believe that we are to blame for the position we find ourselves in. We have professors, doctors, engineers and learned people in different positions of authority; but we still don’t have the right formula to run this country. With so many brain boxes in this country where are we messing it up? It has been said that the manner and air of government is a reflection of its people. Are we a corrupt, greedy and selfish nation? I tend to disagree with that notion. It’s time the real patriotic Zimbabweans stood up. Let’s put our so-called learned minds to work, sanctions or no sanctions. We are not a nation of cry babies, so let’s get off our behinds and put the rest of the world to shame.
Let us be a nation of go-getters and use our creativity. Anyone  can create a WikiLeaks website but only a Zimbabwean can rebuild this wonderful nation. Read the book of Nehemiah, and you will realise that it is possible. We cannot rely on the politicians to rebuild our nation, it starts with us, with you and me, in your homes and families. Today is day one of Project: Rebulid Zimbabwe.


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