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Money eroding Christian values

Growing number of christians won’t do anything within their churches unless there is a monetory reward. Even renowned gospel musicians and overseas preachers seem obsessed by money. Many won’t come and preach or sing at public gatherings unless they are paid “an appearance fee” or afforded the opportunity to collect an offering from the congregation they preach to.

Then there are those who turn their back on God’s calling inorder to make more and more money. There is also a new generation of preachers who preach money; with some even giving it the same importance as the development of christian character or faith in God.

Hang on! Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with money as it is a medium of exchange. It is true to say those who don’t have it live in poverty and are unable to enjoy the benefits it provides, for example, good education, access to proper health and better living conditions. Even politicians the world over will hang on to power for the love of money.

Even the bible recognises the importance of money. The book of Ecclesiastes states; ” A feast is prepared for laughter, and wine makes life happy, and money is the answer for everything. The main problem where money is concerned is the attitude prevalent in individuals who strive to make lots of it. It often makes them disconnected to God, family and friends and can encourage sinful doings.

The Apostle Paul, writing in the book of Titus said, ‘ The love of money is the root of all evil’ and the author of Hebrews said, ‘ Keep your lives free from the love of money, and be content with what you have for the Lord has said’ i will never leave or forsake you.

When a rich man approached Jesus with the desire to be perfect, he was told to give away all he had and become a disciple to achieve his aim. But the man was unable to do so. This is why Jesus said it is harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of heaven than it is for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.

In short, all that God requires, where our attitude to money is concerned, is balance and that we put him above all things.

By Nel Katsande

(The writer can be contacted by e-mail: nelkatsande@yahoo.ca)

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