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Strange systems our downfall


It was a procedure that was not serving any purpose, because the soldiers would say, “checked and found okay” without checking the contents of the envelope. What if on actually checking, the pay would be found not okay?

This is just one example of a system that is used and barely understood by the majority of the people using it. Like the signature; it was used to take away Lobengula’s kingdom even though it was well known that Lobengula did not use the system of signatures and knew nothing about it.


The fact that he did not know anything about signatures did not make him uncivilised or anything: He had his own way of doing things, which worked for him and his people. Today, people sign stakes of papers on a daily basis without the slightest idea of what they are doing.

As long as we think what is there is what is right for us then our problems will never end. Our leaders will always take us for granted.

Do people vote for Morgan Tsvangirai because he says he can unseat Mugabe? Is that all? What is his manifesto? Do the people even understand the concept of a manifesto?

Like Mugabe saying he will not vacate office until he has defeated imperialist forces. Who is he to say that? Why does he think he is the only capable leader in a country of 14 million people?

Should Tsvangirai say he will be the president of the MDC until he has succeeded in unseating Mugabe? Is it why “his” party is called MDC Tsvangirai? What about the fact that the MDC constitution says he cannot be president of the party for more than two terms?

It is the same vicious cycle; leaders abusing a foreign system that they are fully aware the people do not fully understand. Let’s sit down as a people and discuss what is really good for us. Let us form discussion forums the way our leaders used to have dares: and we will not seek police clearance to gather and discuss what is important to us.


Isn’t it ridiculous that a 70-year-old has to seek permission from a 20-year-old who does not even understand his language and culture to hold a community meeting? The day we determine our own path is the day we will start moving forward as a nation.

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