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We can beat HIV/Aids if we play our cards right rostance on car drivers

Unfaithfulness remains the single biggest cause of the continuing spread of the disease. If only we can learn to find satisfaction in our partners and avoid straying, looking for what’s right there at home. This is mostly for the married people. I understand extramarital affairs aren’t a “men thing” anymore as married women are proving to be equally covetous.


The New Start Centres that are planted all over the country need to be made use of regularly as knowing one’s status allows one to know where they stand and come up with a game plan.

It really is possible to beat HIV and Aids, but only when and if we play our cards right. Let me try to help with the basic formula: Married people should desist from engaging in extramarital affairs as this puts them and their partners at risk; single people should try as hard as they can to abstain, but for those that might feel that I’m talking old-fashioned and believe they can’t live without it, please just make sure you protect yourself every time you have to engage in the act, especially in the case of the one-night-stands!

As for the people that are diagnosed as HIV-positive, there is no reason to worry because it is now vey possible to live healthy and fulfilling lives after testing positive. It is my hope and prayer that by 2015, Zimbabwe can have HIV and Aids off its list of the country’s major challenges.

CM, Harare.

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