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Zero marks for GNU performance

There is no getting away from the fact Zimbabwe is still in a political and economic turmoil. The ordinary people are having to swallow the bitter pill of corruption. Electricity and water woes have worsened aided by a dysfunctional so-called unity government.


With the prospect of fresh presidential elections looming, the incoming government of whatever hue will bear the burden of the failed and “soon to be” previous unity government. Health, education, water and electricity require long-term investment.

Most local authorities have long shelved vital projects due to inadequate funding. Councils continue to use residents as cash cows, while the service delivery system continues to decline.

Should free and fair elections be held, the incoming government should strive to create jobs to stimulate the economy and address historic underinvestment in Matabelaland. One thing that is certain is that without a proper, substantive democratic government, the people will continue to bear the heavy price of mismanagement.

Common sense should prevail among our politicians.

Nel Katsenda

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