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MDC-T expels suspected spies

MDC-T officials in the city said a number of youths from the party had been sacked on allegations of spying for Zanu PF.


According to MDC-T officials, the alleged Zanu PF spies were said to be buying the former opposition party’s cards in bulk and angling for various positions at ward, district and provincial level.

Felix Mafa, the MDC-T provincial spokesperson said the party was now conducting an audit to weed out “Zanu PF spies.”

“I want to confirm that there are dubious people from Zanu PF that are coming to join the party with a view of destabilising us by causing divisions.

“It’s a well-orchestrated plan in the form of infiltration so that they get positions and then cause divisions,” Mafa said on Thursday.

“We have had such experiences since 1980 with ZUM (the now defunct Zimbabwe Unity Movement led by Edgar Tekere).

“We are flushing out such elements and Zanu PF spies from the party.”

Last week, MDC-T youths in Bulawayo assaulted a number of Zanu PF youths that had been “exposed for spying” for the former liberation movement, leading to the arrest of MDC-T provincial treasurer, Tsepiso Mpofu.

But Zanu PF provincial spokesperson, Michael Sikhosana dismissed the charges as political propaganda. Sikhosana, however, claimed “infiltrations of political parties are the hazards of politics.

“We are not sending our youths to infiltrate the MDC-T but they should know that infiltration of political parties is part of politics”.
The party will hold an elective congress in May but provincial structures are set to hold their own elections earlier.

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