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Zanu PF supporters invade lodges, bird sanctuary

Some property owners around Lake Chivero on Friday sent a distress call saying that a gang of more than 300 people had invaded various properties in the area saying it was part of the drive to indigenise the economy.


Unconfirmed reports said more than 20 properties belonging to both black and white citizens were invaded.

These include lodges, chalets and boating clubs among them Hunyani Hills, Caravan Park, Jacana, Shabalala, Harare Safari Lodge, Kuimba Shiri and Wingate.

A Standard crew yesterday visited Kuimba Shiri where some youths manning the gate turned it back saying the place was closed except for returning residents.

Kuimba Shiri has a section catering for the aged where pensioners buy cottages and live.

The other section consists of boats privately owned by individuals, a bird park and restaurant.

“There are some office issues that are being sorted out so we are closed until after three days,” the youths who would not shed light on what was happening said.

Outside the gate, one of them charged at the crew as it took pictures of the place.

Sources said officials from the American embassy and the Red Cross Society had also been denied entry earlier on.

A Zambian diplomat was however reported to have been allowed access later in the day.

The marauding crowds reportedly spent most of their time flying Zanu PF flags and singing the party’s songs at the properties while denying owners, their families, some visitors and workers exit.

Most visitors, including tourists, were denied entry.

An eye witness said he was denied entry at Wingate where some youths also blocked one of the boat owners.

While Affirmative Action Group president Supa Mandiwanzira professed ignorance when asked about the invasions, Deon Theron of the Zimbabwe’s Commercial Farmers, which has been severely affected by similar invasions, said such acts were regrettable.

“The consequences of such actions are very huge and they negatively affect tourism of the country,” he said. “No matter how much we might try to lure foreign investors to the country, such type of behaviour chases them away,” he said.

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