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Zim must stand on its own feet

I AM a strong proponent of the Zimbabwe brand and have experienced her last 34 years of development both from within and without.

I am now based in South Africa and Finance minister Tendai Biti’s call to the international community to become pro rather than reactive to calls for some input. Africa on a broad scale still relies on both direct and indirect international community support and investment.
There are thousands of UN troops in place in various countries including the Ivory Coast, there are numerous NGOs and other support mechanisms in place within African countries which are all supplied and financed by the international community. My question is when will Africa stand on its own two feet? When will the political, economic and social prowess of Zimbabwe be realised?
It is her responsibility and hers alone to ensure her development. We should appreciate the very real and difficult challenges Zimbabwe is under but also know we have to stand on our own two feet before seeking external “help”.

Colin J Fryer,

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