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ZIMBABWE will never be a colony of the US or Britain but it can be a colony of China. Talk about double standards.

IT is difficult to say which way is not colonisation; the British way or the Chinese way this time around? By corruption we failed to run the country and now those from a better run country where state-run companies actually make money are coming to take over. Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people!

I PRAY that government will make wise decisions on our behalf. They should set up an economic think tank that cuts across the political divide so that we can evaluate and be a source for economic policy-making in the country. We cannot mortgage our resources.

ZIMBABWE must not allow China to take us for a ride. US$3 billion is nothing compared to what we will get if we use our own countrymen with expertise to mine that platinum. I beg you Zimbabweans do not allow such stupid deals. We are not desperate, are we?

THIS is another form of colonialism. The Chinese will hold Zimbabwe to ransom because the economy has been ruined by years of looting, plunder, corruption and mismanagement. What raises questions is whether –– after mortgaging the minerals for less than their worth –– ordinary Zimbabweans are going to benefit from it at all. Nothing I bet.
Red scorpion.

ZANU PF’s degrees of violence are not achieved through examinations. They are only certificates of attendance. No wonder there is an oversupply of morons.
Tsveruka, Murambinda.

ROBERT Mugabe has got the power to deal decisively with the violence rocking the nation. If he was to issue an instruction to stop violence, who in his party would continue? If he was to instruct Augustine Chihuri to deal with perpetrators  I guarantee you that no violence would erupt on Zimbabwean soil. So he is behind it then.

WAYNE Bvudzijena and Augustine Chihuri should be fired. We demand a non-partisan and professional police force.

THE time has come that we show that Zimbabwe belongs to the people and not to the principals or army generals.
Doc, Bulawayo.
TO minister Theresa Makone I say it does not require a head of state to stop violence. That is your job madam.

WE want elections now. We can’t have two leaders in one nation. Its either we have Robert Mugabe or Morgan Tsvangirai.

ARTHUR Mutambara does not need to do much. He can form his own MDC-M and continue with his government position. Welshman Ncube should fire him and not just threaten him.
Zana mari.

SO they can’t swear in Welshman Ncube because there is a legal challenge to his election? Remind us again; wasn’t Robert Mugabe sworn in a day after his re-election despite the legal challenges?

SOME say Welshman Ncube cannot garner meaningful votes just because he is a Ndebele. If we allow tribalism to continue to rule our minds Robert Mugabe is going to rule till the lost boys are found. I am a Ndebele yet I always vote for Morgan Tsvangirai.

THERE is a time for everything. It is clear that MDC-T has failed to dislodge Zanu PF from power. Others must take over. We cannot sit idly while people are being beaten and harassed by Zanu PF youths and police. Just as how we took arms to remove Ian Smith from power we should do that now. If you think that you will remove those guys from power through the so called constitutional means, then you must smile and forget. Power to the people and not to chefs!

HOW I wish that the media would stop protecting the MDC leadership from public scrutiny. It is better to expose them than to protect them, while at the same time they are busy accumulating wealth which is supposed to benefit Zimbabwe. MDC must stand up and defend what they believe than the current scenario where they regularly seek endorsement of their strategies by people at western embassies.
Collen Mark.

SUDDENLY the state media are labeling embattled Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak as an American puppet. They want to make comparisons with the revolution in Iran in 1979. This is all nonsense. What happened in Egypt is people power. The military and intelligence apparatus could not stop the people. There is nothing more dangerous than an idea whose time has come.
Samir Mubwidi.

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