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Corporal punishment is the root of violence

I agree in the analysis that people who were exposed to severe corporal punishment as children at home and in school are more likely to use violence later in life in an attempt to solve social problems.


It must be noted that to punish somebody is usually to cause that person to suffer for an offence. Punishment can therefore be referred to as the social disapproval of an undersirable act resulting in personal discomfort or pain.

Punishment is indeed a device to which parents or teachers resort to maintain discipline at home or at school. Itsmain purpose is to bring about a change for the better so that the offending individuals desist from activities that may be harmful to either themselves or others around them.

Corporal punishment should not be administered everytime  a child does something wrong. This can cause that child to develop resistance. The child may not see the reason for being punished. I support a statement by Education minister David Coltart that “corporal punishment should  only be administered when a child has committed a very serious offence”.

Corporal punishment should be  swift and painful.

Our country has a history of violence, especially towards elections. Youths are used by politicians to fulfil their political ambitions. With promises of money and employment, the youths are bombarded with manipulated political history which is distorted to project the party’s political aspirations.

Hate propaganda is infused  into the youths so that they think it is right  kill those holding different views to their own.

Many people become law- abiding citizens because they were moulded by ther parents and teachers to be responsible citizens.

People who are violent either grew-up in very abusive environments or were left alone to do whatever they wanted, with their parents and teachers failing to discipline them.

Zimbabwe as a country must have an established and predictable  pattern of behaviour. There must be rules, values and norms with which every law-abiding citizen must conform.

Irvine Mugwagwa

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