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Mixed reaction to Mubarak resignation in Harare

Mubarak, in power for over 30 years, threw in the towel after 18 days of demonstrations by protestors calling for his resignation.
The army has since taken over power while US President Barak Obama has called the uprising an inspiration and expressed hope that the country returns to a democratic civilian rule.

Mubarak’s ouster also dominated discussions on social networks such as Facebook, as people asked themselves if such protests can succeed in Zimbabwe.
The youth assembly of the MDC led by Welshman Ncube issued a statement congratulating Egyptian people.

“The youth assembly believes this is a strong warning to all the despotic regimes in Africa and the world that thrive on tyranny and impunity,” the assembly’s secretary general Discent Bajila said.

“We want to clearly point out that what has happened in Egypt is possible anywhere in the world where the liberators think they can rule forever, rigging the elections, violating property rights, curtailing media freedom and suppressing the celebration of political diversity among other evils.”

Michael Andrew Moyo of Harare said selfishness on the part of Mubarak’s government pushed Egyptians to the brink.

“The fact that the army and other security forces stood and watched things getting out of hand shows that they too were fed up with their leader,” Moyo said.

His sentiments were echoed by Henry Shirichena, a Harare-based electrician who said a similar uprising was possible anywhere in the world where there was tyranny.

Alice Jeri and Fenny Warikandwa said Egyptian people had spoken and similar regimes should take note that they can not rule for ever.

But Zanu PF sympathisers did not share the excitement, with the party’s MP for Muzarabani Edward Raradza saying it was the United States which pushed Mubarak out.

Zanu PF and the police say protests similar to those seen in Tunisia and Egypt are not possible in Zimbabwe.

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