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Please continue to make noise about police partisanship and shame the likes of Chihuri and company.—varozvi.

Just to let you know that the Mutambara camp was always a tributary of an unpopular Zanu PF. It’s logical for the Welshman Ncube camp to be a tributary that feeds into the popular and mighty MDC-T (Save river) for victory to come through the ballot.—Stubborn fact, Mhondoro
Most of us had a painstaking moment after Warriors abruptly crushed out of Chan tournament. Zifa, appoint a new coach now!—Lovemore Kashawo, Harare
Hubert Nyanhongo should shut up and stop peddling violence. He thinks Zimbabweans are daft to know people with a culture of violence who always use it to gain power. I wish it was true that MDC had caused violence. We want to avenge our relatives if we are going to get our chance. The vermin in Zanu PF should be exterminated. Don’t take us for fools. Your time will come.
On the diamonds money, Biti might be MDC-T but I think his ministry got no proceeds from the sales. Obert Mpofu is not  generous with the truth.—Manyepo
Hats off to Kariba residents for using Kwachas for change. In a multi-currency environment there is no reason to turn down RSA 50 cent coin. –Fed Up, Mhangura
Mugabe’s legitimacy expired yesterday. Sadc must now usher in the real winner. Meanwhile, viva Egypt. –Fed up, Mhangura
Matabeleland education system not pleasing. Can something please be done about O’ level trained HODs who head departments with A’level graduates! Education minister, help.—Concerned observer, Bulawayo Metropolitan district.
Mr Ian Douglas Smith thank you so much for constructing MuZezuru Dam. This dam saves us a lot i.e gardening, washing clothes, drinking water for livestock. Am turning you Mr Smith from your grave to come and remove the weeds which are encroaching the dam as well as siltation. Why do the good die ealier?
We should not remove sanctions but should sponsor youths directly so that we can protest against tyranny while our stomachs are full.—Tonde C
Forcing people to sign the anti-sanctions petition will make the targeted sanctions tougher. This harassing, abusing and disrespect of people’s rights is the reason for the sanctions in the first place. The world is watching.—Joseph, Masvingo
Hosea Chipanga’s Mapipi church project: Hosea don’t think the top government officials are the only people to assist you in your music. Brother, don’t mix music and politics. You are giving Christianity a very bad name. You tarnished music with the song Gushungo. Fans run away from you. Don’t be like a chameleon Chipanga. If you are into gospel, sing gospel. Good songs have been overshadowed by one song. The apostle  was in the right direction. I am willing to assist you. –Magwada, Mudzi
What a shame ! Two professors afraid of being president of Zimbabwe are destroying their party fighting for appointment to be ceremonial DPM. Makes me wonder if some citizens would support a party led by such dons. Go and join Simba Makoni—Taneta
There were 10 dictators hanging on the wall and if 2 dictators should  accidentally fall there will be 8 dictators hanging on the wall and if 1 dictator should accidentally fall there will be 7 . . .and so on!
Here is a clever solution to MDC-M problem, invite Simba Makoni to be president. –Tsveruka, Murambinda
If it’s true that 92% of us are literate, then the other 8% are from Zanu PF spin doctors and ZBC. Who can take propaganda to that foolish level?
Devolution is the best way for Zim’s provincial development. Secession will set off an orgy of ethnic cleansing. The Shonas may say Ndebeles came almost the same time as the whites. Zanu PF is very  capable of such behavior! Gukurahundi was just a warning, no wonder no one ever cared to say sorry about the madness.—Tsveruka, Murambinda
Just to respond to E Mabandi Zvinonyadza. We were never betrayed but Tsvangirai betrayed Zimbabwe. How can one win an election and decide to keep quiet and stay away. That was the greatest betrayal. He could have easily formed a government in exile if he had good advisors. Now he is where he belongs, so that he is groomed. –BM Mrewa
Instead of attracting people Zanu PF is chasing them away through its hate speech in the  public media. Zimbabweans are an educated lot who need respect.—Kumhunga Dambudzo, Harare

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