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GNU meant to revive Zanu PF

THE events which took place after the formation of the so called GNU have shown that the whole exercise was meant to revive and rejuvenate Zanu PF, which was on its deathbed. It was part of a cynical and evil plan to keep the people of Zimbabwe under subjugation by a regime which has no vision for lifting the nation from the Stone Age to the 21st century.



Such values as respecting the rights of citizens are now embraced by all civilised societies around the world. I still find it puzzling why Sadc pushed the MDC-T to sign the GPA before all the outstanding issues were fullfilled.

Even more sinister is the fact that when it was patently clear that Zanu PF was reneging on these issues those entrusted with ensuring that Zanu PF played ball pulled wool over the eyes of the people by holding endless meetings with the principals to the GPA when what needed to be done was quite simple –– implement the outstanding issues.

Instead, Sadc swallowed the spurious argument that the US and the EU must first remove the targeted sanctions before all the outstanding issues are implemented. Simple logic should show that neither the US nor the EU appended their signatures to the so-called GPA. Unfortunately simple logic is never perceived as such on the African continent.

For example, Sadc saw nothing amiss with the four week delay in publishing election results in the March 2008 poll. The human condition in Zimbabwe is a reflection of the limited collective intellectual capacity of our African leaders, who cannot see that, as a result of their actions, people around the world have a very low opinion of us.

Tsungai Munjoma,

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