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Heroes Acre is no measure of heroism

It was them who got rotten egg on their faces when it emerged  that the late nationalist had, before her death, refused  to be buried at the Heroes Acre. So the “politburo” took their decision in revenge.


Little do they know that the so-called shrines have lost the respect they deserve. They are now just cemeteries where Zanu PF loyalists are buried.
Everybody knows burial ceremonies at the Heroes Acre are now campaign rallies where irrelevant issues are raised. They are now a platform to lambast political rivals. Baseless nationalist hate propaganda is spewed at every gathering as Zanu PF engages in mass delusion through the national radio and television stations. Everything is distorted to mislead the people to view them as the only party with liberation pedigree.

I salute the late Lesabe and the other heroes for having made wise decisions by refusing their funerals  to be used as campaign rallies.

The late Lesabe, Ndabaningi Sithole, Welshman Mabhena, Patrick Kombayi and many others who were denied heroes status are the true heroes as they contributed much more for this country to be independent. They fought for our country to be democratic  and for everyone to be totally free.

It must be borne in mind that leaders don’t make revolutions but are born out of them. Many people who are buried at the national shrine don’t deserve the honour of being buried there. Many of them were so corrupt and cruel that the people did not like them.

We have a lot of people who were not seen as heroes by the “selectors” yet they were humanists and liberal activists whose social and political status should be the yardstick by which heroism can be measured.

True heroes are those who stand up and criticise what is wrong for the good of the majority.

True heroes are those who fight for equal rights and justice and against all the systems that suppress the people’s freedoms.

Irvine Mugwagwa
Quibusd antiunt, Ferrente

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