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‘Police’ shoot an unarmed man

“I had just closed my grocery shop at Aca-dish Shopping Centre around 9pm and was driving home, which is some 5km away.


“I realised a lot of air was coming in through an open window and I feared for my son’s health so I stopped to close the window,” he said.
“A white Isuzu twin cab passed by but quickly reversed and two men in civilian clothes jumped out.”

He said the two men asked him what he was doing by the roadside and he told them he was closing the car window to which they responded by ordering everyone out of the car.

“They ordered us to put our hands on the boot and look downwards,” Ndlovu’s 11- year-old daughter, Em-ilia said.

“That was when we heard the sound of a gun shot before they ordered us to proceed home without looking back.”

Ndlovu, who was with his wife, his wife’s brother, his daughter and a one-year-old son was shot on the left side.

While his family sought refuge at a nearby house, the men took him to Dombo police station where they left his car and drove him in their car to Parirenyatwa Hospital where he was admitted and treated.

“The government paid my bills and the men told me they thought I was an armed robber which baffles me because I have never heard of armed robbers who walk about with little children,” he said. “I am going to the police on Monday so they can record a statement from me and give me my car.”

Harare police spokesman James Sabau yesterday said he was busy at a function and could not comment on the matter immediately.

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