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Joblessness will ignite protests

Last week The Standard carried a story headlined Collapsing companies blight BEE crusade exposing the lack of business skills by many black businesspeople who are the champions of the so-called indigenisation programme.


This, I must say, has resulted in many businesses folding and hundreds, if not thousands, losing their jobs and joining the already overpopulated unemployment sector. As a result some of us who have never tasted employment have our chances of ever getting jobs further dented.

The chaotic land reform programme was evidence of the pain Zanu PF is capable of inflicting on the people.
A number of university graduates have resorted to temporary teaching due to the inability of industries to employ the number of students being produced yearly.

With the indigenisation programme in the pipeline, I bet more companies will go broke and a good number of people will be left jobless if it is to be effected. Indigenisation is also scaring away foreign investors, creating more problems for the unemployed.

What the-powers-that-be sho-uld know is that they cannot keep people suppressed forever; one day the disgruntled masses will break the yoke. Government should work to avert the imminent uprisings.

—Jairos Zhokozha

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