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No need to go job-hunting in SA

A few years ago, there were indeed greener pastures out there but now I believe they have since turned grey. However, we all understand that many Zimbabweans who ran away from poverty, are crowded in South Africa.

South Africa is quite advanced and a fast-developing country. Being a neighbouring nation to Zimbabwe, it appears the destination of choice for most Zimbabweans who are still hoping and longing to find employment there, but the irony is South Africans themselves are struggling to get employment.


Recently there have been reports in South Africa of youth protests, basically campaigning for job creation. Now, why would a Zimbabwean think he or she would find a job in South Africa when its own people are desperate for jobs?

Due to poverty there are two distinct industries that have grown big in the South African economy: commercial sex and crime. The majority of black South Africans cannot even afford to live in proper houses because they are too expensive and live in cheaper structures called “shacks”.

It may be tempting for many Zimbabweans but on average  workers in South Africa earn wages of approximately R1 500 a fortnight, which translates to R3 000 per month which is the equivalent of US$150 – US$180 here at home. The difference is just the same, it only appears more attractive in the eyes of a fool.

—Democracy Dube, Chitungwiza.

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