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Men’s fashion endures the test of time


Living in Zimbabwe, it is somewhat difficult to see the fashion on the streets and use that as the global fashion trend. Men’s fashion tends to remain the same for longer than women’s fashion.

The men who seem to be on top of their trends are the ones who travel frequently.  The young man, high school age to about 21 years old, is also fashion conscious because he watches a considerable amount of MTV and other music channels in order for him to be aware of the fashion trends.


The costs of keeping up with the trends is also not his, it is his parents’, so once something is out of season, style wise, he can afford to throw it out and wear what his fashion icons have deemed as being “in”.

Then you come to the working- class man; now the cost of keeping up with trends is his.  Among other bills such as rent, transport costs, food and many others, buying new clothes every season is not the best use for his hard-earned cash.


These tend to be smart shoppers and invest in good quality timeless items of clothing. For men, it is very important to buy good quality clothes. Yes, they may cost more but you would rather own fewer, good quality clothes than many cheap imitations that would need to be replaced more frequently and could result in your not being taken seriously.

Then again there are those who derive their sense of self-worth from what they are wearing so they are constantly shopping. There are also those who shop simply because they can.

For whatever reason you may shop, here are some styles you may want to take note of in order to update your look.


However, there is a possibility these styles may not have arrived in Zimbabwe yet.  We are conservative and slow so we wait for a style to become extremely popular or to have been on the market for a while before we warm up to it.


Maybe some men’s clothing vendors  will make a plan to bring in the clothes I will mention today and in future.


Fashion and the slim fit

Today, I will only discuss one trend. It is very noticeable and my personal favourite

Baggy clothes used to be very in but are fast becoming “out”. Men are preferring clothes that show off their bodies and are discarding the baggy, over-sized clothes. This is especially good news for the man who has a smaller frame because he no longer needs to worry about drowning in the baggy loose fitting clothes. It is also good news for the man who believes he has a body worth showing off. 

The slim fit is not only for casual wear. It has spilt over into formal wear with slim fit suits. Once again it is about doing it well. I have seen a number of men around who have the right idea but poor execution. Slim trousers need to still be long enough. Slim “don’t touch” trousers are OUT. Then again, slim or not, “don’t touch” trousers are OUT.

The slim suit looks  sharp  and smart because there is no excess fabric.

This is definitely one trend worth following and investing in. Till the next man-style article, happy slimming.

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