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ZRP not corrupt: Bvudzijena

We applaud him for refusing to pay a bribe in the first part of his narrative but would like to indicate that he is an accused person for paying a bribe “a couple of months ago” with the “little money” that he had, as admitted in the last part of his letter.

We do not expect such behaviour from a man of the cloth and I hope he would not like us to address all reverends as corrupt.

The ZRP has been very clear and is on public record that it will deal sternly with members of the organisation who commit crimes, including that of bribery. Some have been discharged from the organisation for accepting bribes.


Such members have been dismissed because somebody somewhere took a stand and the ZRP appropriately responded.


Such members of the public have assisted in ensuring that the organisation cleanses itself instead of glorifying the demise of a national institution such as the ZRP. I hope Rev Kadenge will take a cue from this.

It did not and does not need the Mass Public Opinion Institute for us to respond to issues of corruption. Since the launch of our Service Charter in 1995, and the ZRP being the first organisation to do so, we have pleaded for co-operation with and assistance from members of the public to ensure that we deliver a satisfactory service.

We still stand by the pledge we made and those who wish to help, hopefully, will do so.

Let me also hasten to disabuse Rev Kadenge of the notion that the ZRP is corrupt. The ZRP is not corrupt and about 99% of the force are honest and hardworking civil servants.

W Bvudzijena (Senior Assistant  Commissioner)
Chief Staff Officer (Press and Public Relations)

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