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Bvudzijena hiding behind a finger on ZRP corruption. drivers

However on reading police spokesman Ass Com Wayne Bvudzijena’s response (if one can call it that) in The Standard of March  20, I was left speechless and emotions of anger came over me. Bvudzijena made a total mockery of the serious issue that was raised.
He cannot respond with such blatant  impunity and seriously expect to get away with his nonsensical response to an issue that, for a very long time, has overwhelmed the ZRP.
Every  Zimbabwean who drives knows fully well the experiences we all go though when stopped at police road blocks. How dare Bvudzijena remark that Rev Kadenge is an “accused person”.  If this be the case, then we all are.
I cannot believe that he doesn’t know that when stop-ped at a police road block, the officers in attendance circle  around your vehicle like a pack of lions about to pounce on its prey, looking for any excuse to issue a ticket  in order to extract a bribe.
Bvudzijena should be asha-med of himself for addressing the nation in such a condescending tone — does he take us all for fools? He needs to take a good look at himself and seriously consider the issues raised in Rev Kadenge’s letter instead of being arrogant and clever for nothing.
Bvudzijena should think before spewing out his asinine drivel  to cover up what everyone knows. I think he got the percentage numbers mixed up in his final remark that 99% of the force aren’t corrupt becase they are, and he knows it

“Not fooled”
Quibusd antiunt, Ferrente

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