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Thanks MDC (Ncube) for an excellent decision, joining hands to fight the devilish Zanu PF.
True Zimbabweans and democratic forces should hail the position taken by the MDC to support Lovemore Moyo. In 1980 we attained Independence but now the two MDCs bring us love, democracy, justice and above all freedom. –HD, Zvishavane
So GMOs are no good for us? Ever thought of why the famous ‘broiler’ is faster in growth than our humble ‘roadrunner’? What about maize seed varieties: drought tolerant, high yield, disease resistant etc. Why politicize everything while we starve? Little knowledge is dangerous!—Tsveruka, Murambinda
Thank you very much The Standard newspaper for giving us that front page story and picture about brutality of Zimbabwe’s police force. This story and it’s picture must be send to  Sadc, AU and UN for them to see how innocent civilians are being treated everyday in Zimbabwe.—Chamu
Instead of using their cash to improve broadcasting houses, buying new cameras for those productions and even improving programmes on national TV what does ZBC do? Donate money for exhuming remains and they expect us to pay for licences. We are all patriots but this. . . –Niacha
The environment column by Chipo Masara is very informative as it tells us to always save our environment from degradation. Keep it up!—Lovemore Kashawo, Harare
How can Zanu PF claim to be a major political party and yet it is struggling to get 2 million anti-sanctions signatures only out of 14 million people in Zimbabwe?—icho, Harare
The idea that students at the UZ be forced to put on IDs around their necks on campus is backward and anachronistic. Zinasu where are you when academic freedom is being tempered with? Next time zvichanzi pfekai mauniform (put on uniforms). By the way who won the tender to make these IDs? Rumour has it the Vice-chancellor’s wife and she is netting 90 000 per semester. Where is the anti-corruption commission? –worried student
President Mugabe must fire Tendai Biti and replace him with a Zanu PF minister say Obert Mpofu who will give us a salary increment if he is serious about what he said. —Taneta kutakuriswa tswanda yejecha, gore rave kutopera (Tired of being burdened, another year is coming to an end).—Weje Wezhira wezhara. –Civil servant.
By voting Lovemore  Moyo as speaker of parliament MDC factions would have sent a clear message to Zanu PF that they are in control. At the end of day every Zimbabwean will salute Welshman Ncube for a job well-done.—Tendere, Bindura
What is this Red Crescent clinic? Is it an NGO or a registered company out to make a profit? I have never heard of people working at an NGO on commission without permanent workers. Worse still workers are being ill-treated and lowly paid. We can’t be slaves in our own country. Relevant authorities what is going on there?
Tendai Biti is losing the plot now. His antics on civil servants’ salaries will have far-reaching results on his career. Why so obstinate Biti? Please swallow your pride. –Fed-up, Marondera.
A lot of rape cases are being poorly handled by social welfare officers at Makoni, by the police and at the courts. The responsible minister please investigate.
I suppose the government must invite world class forensics and take them to all mine shafts in Matabeleland and Midlands provinces to determine the time when those bodies were slaughtered. –Bravo, Gweru
The plight of civil servants can only be solved with the help of war veterans. These guys mean business. –Reality
Unions that represent teachers are squandering our money for nothing. This is the time to strike but they are all quiet because the poor teacher is paying for their upkeep through membership fees. This world never ceases to amaze me. –-dejected, Marondera.
No dictator has an exit plan. Muammar Gaddafi was supposed to hand over power way back, but he keeps on siphoning  oil and leads  a lavish lifestyle. Now Gaddafi is smelling blood in a No Fly zone. France’s UN envoy wants Muammar’s head. After Gaddafi who is next? Should I finger him? –Nyamhara mountain, –Mudzi
What is Biti’s grudge with civil servants?
Do our ministers not feel guilty to earn salaries which are more than ten times what is earned by civil servants. Shame! –Heartless, Marondera
It is a pity for Zanu PF to blame MDC for not taking part in its exhumation exercise. In the first place it’s partisan and no civic organisations, churches and youth organisations were not informed or invited. The exercise needs all parties, churches, civic organisations. How does MDC take part when it is a Zanu PF project, Zimbabweans are watching all this mess. MDC forever.—Wamambo
Bvudzijena don’t be defensive, your force members are corrupt, thieves and sinners. Why you want a reverend to be silent on such act?   90% are not honest. It’s only 10% are honest. ZRP Murehwa is full of  collectors of bribery.  God is watching. –Mudzi Magwada
The Dynamos executive must have contracts for 2011 players. You are really a disgrace! –Gurundoro, Sanyati

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