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Lessons from the august House

The build-up to the elections, which were held on March 29, exactly the date and month in 2008 when Zimbabweans voted for change, was riddled with deceitful acts against MDC by Zanu PF.

It can never be far from the truth to suggest that the arrest of only the MDC MPs was meant to give Zanu PF an affair numerical advantage for the elections. The decision by MPs from Welshman Ncube’s faction to join hands with MDC-T   members was a welcome realisation that the two MDCs have a common opponent in the name of Zanu PF. Ncube’s party should be applauded for this. Of course, mention should  also be made of patriots  in Zanu PF who voted for Moyo. They represent agents of light. From these scenarios, lessons are learnt.

The first lesson is that MDC is here to stay. It would be foolish of Zanu PF to spend money and energy trying to destroythis formidable, people-oriented and democratic party. MDC commands national and international appeal to the masses of Zimbabwe and beyond. The party enjoys  strong grassroots support because it stands for justice, rule of law, security and respect for individuals, through the provision and protection of fundamental human rights.

Another lesson drawn from the scenario in Parliament is the confusion within Zanu PF. The results exposed their disunity and amplified how disintegrated they are.
The fact that the party resolved to bring back Jonathan Moyo into the politburo at its last congress held in Mutare was its highest act of desperation. Zanu PF’s reputation is destined to nosedive with Jonathan Moyo within their ranks.

The defeat of SK Moyo is just the beginning of many defeats to follow. Jonathan Moyo is giving his paymasters in Zanu PF a false sense of security while alienating the party from the Zimbabwean masses.

The last but certainly not the least lesson from the august House is that there is strength in unity. All the progressive forces should consider ganging  up against Zanu PF to deliver the final punch to this arrogant party.

Mamuse Maunganidze, Harare.

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