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Ballantyne Park residents turn the heat on Chiyangwa

The residents say they were alarmed to see Chiyangwa erecting a fence around the park, which they say was donated to the community by a Ballantyne family.

Chiyangwa said he was doing the residents a favour as the park was dirty.

The residents placed an advert in the press thanking him for fencing the park and cleaning it.

“By thanking him, we were hoping to disempower him thinking he will be embarrassed to later claim ownership of the park,” one resident said.

Masunda confirmed receiving a petition with 1 250 signatures from concerned residents.

While Masunda said he had tasked officials to look into the matter, Chiyangwa said the residents were wasting their time as both the city and Masunda have no jurisdiction over the matter.

“I am a resident in that area who is more acceptable than these people who are complaining,” Chiyangwa said.

“That place was now a sex park and I decided to do what I felt was right and the Environmental Management Agency applauded me for that,” Chiyangwa said.

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