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Dictators fall because they fail to read public mood

General sentiment in the country right now is that it would be unwise for the country to rush into an election whose result is likely to be disputed. But of course, to the hawks in Zanu PF, a disputed election would be better than one in which they are routed outright, because then, it means they can just stay on while arguments go on on what should be the way forward.
Over the years, a culture of arrogance and impunity has flourished  within the rank and file  of Zanu PF, so much  that they don’t think there is anyone who should challenge their might. They seem to believe that because they led the freedom struggle, they own Zimbabwe and must rule it in perpetuity.
Muammar Gaddafi, after more than 40 years in power, believes Libya to be a personal fiefdom and cannot understand why Libyans have risen against him. Gaddafi took the compliance of Libyans to his autocratic rule over the years  as loyalty and to this day, believes those that revolted against him  were inspired  by his detractors outside the country.
This is the same with President Mugabe who believes his arch-enemy, Britain, is responsible for sponsoring opposition to his rule. He is convinced Zimbabweans love him so much and would vote overwhelmingly for him if the British were not there to point out to them how their rights are being violated and national wealth looted by those close to him.
Mugabe  has consistently stated that the West imposed sanctions against Zimbabwe  to make  him unpopular among the people.   He does not believe he has any failings as a leader that would make people want a regime change
This, unfortunately is the mindset of most dictators until it is too late and they have to leave ignominiously, as Laurent Gbagbo did in Ivory Coast recently.
It would be a sad day if Gushungo had to hide in a bunkerbecause he failed to read the mood of the people.   

Mwana Wevhu, Harare.

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