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Kapfupi rides the waves with Musoja

Musoja is his fifth album and it has been received with amazing zeal in the industry.

Those who have been closely following the developments and Kapfupi’s shows might be familiar with the track Musoja in which the musician advises people not to misjudge others.

The album consists of a package of tracks that are entertaining and which reveal his flexibility as an artist in entertaining and engaging the audience through striking social issues.

Tracks that are likely to catch the attention of fans include Majisa and Wakambokabatirei?

Fans that spoke to Life & Style are confident that Kapfupi should now be classified among big names in the industry while some believe that he still has to take many steps to be considered a musical guru.

“He is a good musician and commands a fair share of audiences but he cannot be compared to greats like Macheso, Tongai Moyo and Sulumani,” said Tongai Mwenjera a music fan.

“There is a lot that he needs to do and learn. Most of his songs on his four albums do not resonate with the fans save for Mai Nga and the new track Musoja”.

“It is different from musicians like Macheso whose songs are appealing and liked by the audience.

“The fact that he rarely performs alone with his band at shows but usually features as a supporting act shows that he is still to be his own man.”

A follower of Kapfupi music only identified as Taurai said, “He still has more to achieve and to really show us that he is an artist worth praising.

“Let him perfom internationally and gain more exposure and after that we can compare him to the likes of Tuku, Macheso, Sulumani and evaluate his status in the music industry”.

Fanuel Manjalima, Kapfupi’s manager and brother said, “So far the response we have been getting from the people is recommendable but we still have more to learn from other artists who have been in the industry for a long time”.

“We haven’t been performing internationally and this works against us but we have plans to widen our scope of audiences and we are striving to get more international platforms”.

The musician has been also criticised for not doing more to change his celebrity status, if really the industry is flourishing for him.

The peri-urban settlement of Epworth where he lives is not reflective of his newly found fame and status.

“People think that when fame comes, we should cut ties with our roots but that is not what Kapfupi likes.”

“If ever there are developments that he will make during his carrier he can fulfill them while in the comfort of his own home town,” Manjalima said.

While there might be debate on Kapfupi’s fame, fortune and status, his new album has become very popular and if airplay enjoyed by his songs is anything to go by, the musician might soon scale dizzy heights.


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