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Police caution drivers on ambulances

The accident occurred at the intersection of Samora Machel and Bishop Gaul where a white truck hit an ambulance carrying a patient rescued from another mishap in Dzivarasekwa.

Medical Rescue International (MRI) technician Calvin Marufu who was driving the ambulance said other cars had given way as he approached the intersection.

But the ambulance was hit from behind by the twin cab truck, which Marufu says he did not see approaching.   The impact forced Marufu to lose control of the emergency car which dragged for about 42 meters.

“Luckily the vehicle did not turn, and we did not move to the oncoming traffic,” he said.

A paramedic suffered neck injuries and two colleagues accompanying the victim also received minor knocks.

MRI MD Paul Baker, he said the ambulance was a write off and some Intensive Care Unit (ICU) equipment was also damaged.

“We are going to part with a lot money in trying to replace equipment as well as the ambulance,” Baker said.

“We believe that services which we offer are very vital as they are life saving.

“It becomes worrisome if some people do not recognise it and l believe such people need to be punished.”

Tigere Chigome, the traffic police spokesperson said according to driving regulations drivers must leave space that can fit two vehicles between them and an ambulance to avoid accidents.


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