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Zimbabweans, let’s not lose hope

It was going to be an uncomfortable experience but he never looked back. The good thing though about Christ was that he had spent the rest of his life doing good for everyone.
Recently I travelled from Nairobi in the company of two cabinet ministers, one from Zanu PF and the other from MDC-T.  Not that we were coming from the same meeting but we just boarded the same plane.   They were coming from Ghana and connected their flight to Harare in Nairobi. It was very early in the morning.  As we waited at Jomo Kenyatta Airport, I observed that these two guys were so at peace together. They moved around the airport helping each other with their luggage.
I commented to one guy who was waiting for the same plane that if only people knew what was happening. It was like these guys were friends abroad and enemies at home.  The discussion ended with us agreeing that when at home they played to the gallery of their supporters.  If they were seen to be loving each other then they were said to have sold out. Should it be like this?
Even when we walked to the plane these guys shepherded each other in an amazing way.  This is what it should be like at home and away.  There is hope for us in Zimbabwe. Christ did not die in vain. Last Sunday Christ entered Jerusalem triumphantly riding on a donkey even though his fate was inevitable. He was king but he humbled himself and won the world. Now he is king of the world.
The majority of the Christian community in Zimbabweshould cling to this hope that all will be well again soon.
The talk of elections should not scare us whether they come this year or next year. If we show love to each other, there will be no violence, no beating each other, no forcing people to vote for a particular party. 
If you force people to vote for you or your party, you are just as bad as a rapist. Let those who deserve it win, win smartly by showing love.  When we have done that we will teach the world a lesson or two.  Yes we can do it.

Rev Dr Levee Kadenge

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