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Mavambo backs dual citizenship

Dawn (MKD). One of the positions which MKD has been advancing since the inception of the process to gather views for the Constitution-making process by Copac is that Zimbabweans should be allowed to have dual citizenship if one so wishes. With dual citizenship, one can make a contribution to a country of his/her choice without being coerced.
Dual citizenship will restore voting rights which were unceremoniously taken away from the country’s disenfranchised nationals. The position that an individual has to renounce citizenship of the country to which he/she is resident in order to be allowed to participate in activities of national importance like elections should be scrapped.
Diasporans should be allowed to vote from anywhere and contribute to national debates at any given time. There is no reason for them to be forced to come back home against their will. Now is the time that we should all be encouraging Diasporans to take advantage of their presence in different countries where they are resident, to work, gain experience and obtain specialist skills through training, attributes which again they can use for the good of Zimbabwe.
The truth of the matter is that, despite formation of the Inclusive Government two years ago, the whole country has since been turned into Zimbabwe Ruins. The situation is worsening for the ordinary person. Insistence by political parties that Diasporans should return to Zimbabwe even against their will is bound to foil any attempt to restore Zimbabwe to its enviable status of the first 15 years since independence in 1980.

Joel Mapaura, MKD Communications Department

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