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Multiply US$3 million by President Bob’s 10 trips (to and from Asia) and divide by 25 000, the number of civil servants = $120 per civil servant divided by 4 months ( from January to April 2011. We get $30 increment per civil servant monthly. Surely the money to top up all the poorly paid civil servants’ salaries is there. –Spotted, Mubaira
How can the government claim that there is no money to pay civil servants when in fact the President selfishly demands US$3 million per trip to Asia? –dejected civil servant, Seke.
Raymond Majongwe thinks he owns teachers of Zimbabwe. Why did he accept a pay rise in June? I have since withdrawn my membership of PTUZ. Many will follow suit. We are tired of these bogus unions. –angry teacher, Marondera
Edmore Veterai’s utterances do not come as a surprise. Just check who was in charge of Murambatsvina in Harare.—Ace Mtasa
In reference to the article ‘Lupane arrests crude, deplorable’ the journalist’s view on the arrest of the Priest is well highlighted, however why is it that he has nothing to say about a priest promoting hatred between tribes, I have experienced such hatred first hand and I tell you it is not nice at all.—MuZezuru in Matabeleland.
Many elderly people supported politics for the past 31 years and they don’t have anything to show for their support except poverty. –true Zimbabwean
Welcome back the Cottco Schools Rugby festival as from 2-7 May at Prince Edward school. Let the games be exciting and captivating! –Lovemore Kashawo, Harare
The problem with Dynamos is that it is not a consistent team. I no longer watch local teams play. Their standard is too mediocre to watch. Coaches please do your work.—disheartened
Econet has now been overtaken by arrogance. Their helpline helps no one. It’s either not picked or you have  to speak to an answering machine for 10 minutes then you are cut off. They are too busy to speak to us. Maybe Zim is now due for a new player. Econet, like Zanu PF is now taking us for granted.—DB, Harare
The story by Rev Levee Kadenge about two cabinet ministers he travelled with from Nairobi has touched me I am even angry because I am a victim of Zanu PF. . . .
Street prophet, if most people are watching DStv or free to air satellites, where do you get this info? This means they are watching including you. –Gokoko
Zanu PF is now getting to my nerves, MDC-T we will vote for you, we need democracy in our country we are tired of this. –Mr Ray, Mutare
Power is centred in Mash East, central and west (President, VP, service chiefs) why? Strong case for devolution and equitable development.—tsveru
It’s wise for Munn Marketing to put Gift Mukura than Kundi on Mutare delivery. –thanks, reader
Hurling obscenities, spitting or arguing too much with a referee is unprofessional. Football players need not  be  too emotional and must have discipline when playing games, unprofessional conduct soils the spirit of football and it also warrants unnecessary fines to the club, even to the extent of disheartening football loving fans. –Davi Kababa, Kadoma
Seems Zanu PF has come up with a new intimidatory weapon: Big brother is watching you’, unfortunately wanyangira yaona—Tsveruka Murambinda
Saturday the 22nd of April was Earth Day—we seriously need to cut our carbon footprint. Tips: save water, go solar, walk, eat organic, compost your food. . .
Enjoy the widest coverage wherever you are says Econet. This is not true for Sanyati where its booster is idle .—Gurundoro, Sanyati
Zesa, the public must be informed of load-shedding schedule in their areas.—Masiyandima M

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