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Open letter to Gersham Pasi

The operational efficiencies of Zimra or any government body can be improved only if government takes the advice which is rendered freely by writers and public speakers in various fora.

I have recently imported a vehicle and what I  went through at Beitbridge border post is something that needs serious improvement on. With careful planning, physical examination of motor vehicles, duty assessment and payment can actually be done at one place.

The Manica Bonded Warehouse is a huge place which can even accommodate insurance offices, council, police, as well as clearing agents offices.

The space permits. What is needed is to engage with the various stakeholders and come up with the proper structures of how an imported vehicle will be treated from the time that the vehicle lands to the time that it drives off to its destination. I have no doubt that vehicle number plates should in essence be fitted at source, that is at the border posts for all the imported vehicles.

Those opting to have their vehicles registered in their home towns should then have the option to do so. But these will risk their vehicles being impounded by the police for non-registration.

Vehicle Importer, Harare.

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