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Chawapiwa’s Tendeuka on the market

“Mufaro Wenyu demonstrates the kind of life Christians are supposed to live, it elaborates that Christians were not created to suffer but to claim all their good things which were taken by the devil, as well as happiness.

“Zviratidze Jesu talks about the multiplication of churches as well as prophets, which is confusing many people. God is the only one who can show the way to the truth,” she said.

Tendeuka encourages Christians to stop sinning and focus on meditating on the word of God.

“Many of us are Christians but we are not doing what is required, as we are sinning carelessly. There is need for us to mend our relationship with God,” she said. 
Though her first album titled Zvandiri, which was released in 2009, did not make much impact, she believes her second album is totally different from the debut release and she believes it will do well.

“With my first album I did not know the people to work with and I did not know the studio to work with. It was a tough learning experience but I believe my second album will have a positive reception.

“I have had an opportunity to share the stage with well-known musicians who include Fungisai Mashavave and Joyce Simeti and I have learnt a lot about music,” she said.
Explaining how she started, Chawapiwa said it was a natural talent since she has loved singing since she was very young.

“When I was growing up I used to love singing very much and I would compose many songs, and I promised myself that when the time was right I would record.
“As I grew older I began singing in church and my Pastor as well as my peers encouraged me to record my music. At first it was difficult for me because I did not have anyone in the field who could assist me but I thank God because it all worked according to plan,” she said.
Chawapiwa added that financial constraints were her main challenges when she began her music career.

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