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Probe Global Fund directors

Zanu PF must have taken the money or the programme directors are making Zanu PF the scapegoat. Disgruntled unpaid workers are being intimidated by the directors who are uttering Zanu PF mantras. Is Zanu PF licenced to steal and exploit?

The most affected are counsellors under the programme and some have gone for five months without any salary.

Employees who are supposed to be paid US$600 are being given between US$60 and US$170 which is even below what the government is paying its workers.

Is Zanu PF using these corrupt directors to steal or the directors are using Zanu PF to cover their fleecing of Global Fund money.
To the media I say “Where has investigative journalism gone to?”

To the ministers of Labour, Health and Home Affairs, please investigate. Do we have a parliamentary committee on corrution?



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