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The African Hide— excellent for a lunch bite

In terms of location, the African Hide is in a prime spot in Vic Falls. Situated in the Landela Shopping Complex, it is an easy walk from most places in town.

The shopping centre has a large variety of different shops, mostly catering for the tourists but also has useful outlets like phone shops and insurance. There are galleries, curio shops, clothing outlets and much more. The African Hide is the perfect place to escape the incessant peddlers and beggars that unfortunately can make walking around Vic Falls town quite unpleasant at times. In the hot summer they have a very welcome mist system that wafts cool air over the tables.  At this time of year it is thankfully not needed!

If you are staying in Vic Falls, a common problem is what to do for lunch.  Most hotels operate on a bed and breakfast basis and dinner is usually planned.  So a day of browsing around the shops in town and having a light lunch is a good way to spend the day.

As a coffee shop, The African Hide doesn’t disappoint. All the usual coffee fixes are there. One can choose from lattes and cappuccinos and many other combos, the price of coffees being no more than US$2. The menu actually has an amazing variety of dishes on offer, starting from various breakfasts, the biggest being a full monty at US$10. Previously I have had a feta and bacon ciabatta, which is amazing.

We had an excellent slice of chocolate cake, and I must say from experience they have some of the best cakes in town.  Also available was a nice range of salad dishes and of course lots of decadent desserts like double thick chocolate mousse.  If a real drink is more your thing, then there are cold beers and wines available.

As mentioned, The African Hide is a perfect place to take a break in town, with clean toilets and nice comfy chairs.  A big TV provides nice updates for the sports fanatics who can’t miss a game, and there are always newspapers and magazines to read. During the busy periods, troupes of traditional dancers perform and seem to be very popular with the tourists.

I certainly would recommend for any traveller to Vic Falls to have a bite at the African Hide. Only one main meal is over US$10 and most less than US$5 — and in Vic Falls, that’s a good deal! Well done to the new management, let’s hope the general upturn of Vic Falls supports them.

Coffee Shop
4 Plates
Expect to spend US$2 to US$10
Landela Shopping Centre, Victoria Falls.

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