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Anglicans remember Bernard Mizeki

Gandiya, whose group is involved in an ugly fight for the church’s properties with renegade Bishop Nolbert Kunonga, said this year’s commemorations had passed without any major incident.

“We have no complaints, the police were here to protect us,” Gandiya said.

“Our only complainant is about politicians in the background who did not want to see us at the shrine. My question is: Are these police the same police force we know or a rogue force, considering there is a heavy police presence at the shrine?

“Why is Norbert Kunonga commanding the police?

Gandiya refuted allegations that his church supported homo- sexuality accusing Kunonga of spreading the falsehood, a claim Kunonga used to break away from CPCA.
Reverend Clifford Dzavo, the diocesan secretary said they were not worried about Kunonga’s threats that he would strip them of their uniforms, saying the Zanu PF leaning bishop was excommunicated.

Archbishop Albert Chama represented other member states from the Sadc region. Mizeki was killed in 1896 and his death is commemorated every year.

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