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Chombo, wife head for court

The Standard has it on good authority that contrary to reports that the two had struck an amicable way out of the divorce wrangle, the matter has been set down for hearing by Justice Antonia Guvava.

“The reports that you heard last year that Chombo and his estranged wife had agreed on sharing their property were false. There wasn’t any truth to that,” said a source aware of the developments.

While Marian had been represented by Sinyoro and Partners in the past, latest information indicate that she quietly hired firebrand attorney, Beatrice Mtetwa to take up the case in March.

The involvement of Mtetwa, an award-winning lawyer and former president of Law Society of Zimbabwe adds currency to reports that Marian is determined to get her
fair share of the property acquired by the minister during the subsistence of their marriage.

A postnuptial agreement allegedly signed by the two parties shows that the couple acquired a multi-million dollar empire. Chombo however denies the authenticity of the list of properties insisting that it was an exaggeration. He is on record saying the value of his property is nowhere near that list, adding that he legitimately acquired whatever is in his name.

These conflicting versions of his wealth are likely to be addressed in court as the agreement is going to be lodged with the courts.

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