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Rogue generals: Jonathan Moyo’s new allies

Moyo has been sulking since Zanu PF’s twin setbacks, at the Sadc Troika meeting in Livingstone in March and more recently in South Africa, and has all but raised the spectre of a coup in Zimbabwe, were an electoral roadmap  for a free and fair election to be adopted.


Since his re-engagement to the Zanu PF politburo last year, Moyo has lurched from one failure to another, starting with his efforts to have Lovemore Moyo deposed as Speaker of the House of Assembly.

He was also in South Africa spearheading Zanu PF’s propaganda drive ahead of the Sadc summit a fortnight ago but his efforts came to nought, with the regional body all but adopting a damning report on the state of the inclusive government in Zimbabwe.

At the height of his reign as Information minister, at the turn of the millennium, Moyo was a powerful minister, who rode roughshod over his friends and foes alike.
His decisions seemed to go unchallenged and he was virtually the thought leader in the party.

Now it seems Moyo is slowly working his way back to power and just last week he called on the police to arrest Jameson Timba, a senior official in MDC-T,  on allegations of undermining President Robert Mugabe.

Moyo seems to have developed a short memory, because not so long ago, after being dumped by Mugabe, he developed a barbed tongue with the ageing leader and his Zanu PF party being his prime victims.

During his time in the wilderness Moyo developed a sharp tongue, and what Timba said of Mugabe pales into oblivion if compared to what the political science professor used to say.

Of late he seems to have got what he hoped for with the arrest of Timba, but Moyo will not stop at that, as he has also called for the arrest of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, whom he described as nothing but a senior minister.

But his utterances in the Sunday Mail were amplified by Brigadier General Douglas Nyikayaramba who claimed that Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was now a security threat.

Nyikayaramba, just like Moyo, is one of the Zanu PF supporters who want Mugabe to be a life president.


Moyo’s hate crusade in the Sunday Mail
Jonathan Moyo, the Tsholotsho legislator has been using his column in The Sunday Mail to churn out what amounts to hate speech attacking his perceived political foes.
Moyo waded into a political storm after he used his column to attack South African leader, Jacob Zuma, whom he described as a dishonest broker in the Zimbabwe mediation process.

He also engaged in his favourite pastime, of attacking journalists, claiming one was a high school dropout after the reporter dared differ with him.

In the aftermath of the Sadc summit in South Africa, Moyo went into a shell only to reappear in the Sunday Mail again threatening that the political situation in Zimbabwe could deteriorate into a national security issue.

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