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Ideas to while away cold winter days

Being confined to the indoors usually means that people resort to watching DVDs, eating junk food and chatting but there is more that can be done indoors and as one who was looking for interesting things to do indoors, I did some research. 

If you do not already belong to a book club you could start one.  You and a group of friends could buy a certain book and read it at the same time then meet at an agreed time to discuss what you would have read.  Sometimes it is more enjoyable for you to read a book in a group and share varying perspectives of the book as this gives you something to look forward to every week or month, or however often you decide to meet. The book could be fiction, self-help, business, how to deal with toddlers or anything you and your group find interesting.

You can get together with a few friends, hopefully, one of whom would be a wine connoisseur. If not you can buy a book that educates on different types of wines and on how and what to drink them with. If it is red wine night, each friend can bring a bottle of red wine and cheese to go with the wine.  Each friend can read up and do research on their wine and cheese and present their findings and information to the rest of the group.  If you are not a wine lover you could do the same with whiskey or beer.

If you, like me, feel uninspired to shop hectically for winter you may appreciate this idea.  You and some close friends of yours can organise a swap party.  You may swap clothes, handbags, head gear or scarves.  You are not swapping anything old, tattered and torn. You are swapping that which no longer inspires you or what you are tired of wearing.  Make sure your items are in good condition and they are clean and stain-free. For men, swapping fashion items may not be appealing to you so you could swap gadgets or games you are tired of.

A few weeks ago I was invited to a dinner party themed: “bring something stolen”, unfortunately my busy schedule did not permit me to attend. Themed parties do not always have to centre around dressing, be creative.  You can have party themed: “come dressed as you will be 10 years from now”.

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