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My father had a deal with Mugabe says Nkomo’s son

Addressing about 250 people at an event to commemorate the nationalist’s death in Makokoba, Nkomo said his father confided in him that the agreement was meant to stop the country from splitting into two.


“He told me that when the Lancaster House Conference had ended, chiefs summoned him and asked if at all the country should be returned to blacks as one entity or it should be returned under the pre-1923 arrangement,” he said.

“He told me that he declined to answer that question and told them that that question could only be answered in the presence of his colleague (Mugabe).
“My father said they agreed that they will work together and have Zimbabwe as one.”

He said the two had agreed that if Mugabe’s Zanu PF got into power first if will give way to PF Zapu after a given time.

PF Zapu and Zanu PF merged in 1987 to end atrocities that were being committed by the 5TH Brigade that Mugabe deployed in the Matabeleland and the Midlands after independence.

However, under the agreement only junior posts in the presidium have were reserved for former PF Zapu. Mugabe has refused to relinquish power.

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