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Coaches went to a striptease club — Cyril

-I was the HOD to the Bulgaria trip
-Methembe Ndlovu was the head coach
-Sunday Chidzambwa was the assistant coach
-Bhekimpilo “Far” Ndlovu was the manager
-Dr Nathan Makanza was the medic
– Lloyd Maungwa was the physiotherapist
– Harry Taruva was the one keeping the flags and national anthem
-Zenzo Moyo was in charge of all proceedings and protocol on the trip
-Kudzi Shaba was the organiser of the trip as he was the contact man with the organisers
-We did not travel with anyone from the media
**I received a call in Masvingo from Zifa HQ instructing me to bring to Harare my passport by Wednesday of that week and I immediately travelled to Harare to leave my passport for the visa processing.
*On Thursday and Friday I did not get any phone call from Zifa.
*On Saturday morning at about 07.00am I got a phone call from Tafi of Zifa indicating that I was to come immediately to Harare as the team was already leaving for Bulgaria.
*I left for Harare and found out that already 18 players had left in advance at 7.00am to Joburg. Myself and Tech Team (ie Sunday, Methembe, Zenzo, Shaba, Harry etc) numbering a total of 10 people left for Joburg using British Airways at 15.00hrs. We found the players in Joburg.
*Shaba told me at the Airport, whilst with Harry, that I was the HOD by name or title only but the man in charge of all things was Zenzo Moyo since it was them that had organised the trip and not Zifa.
*Myself and Harry were staying some 10km away hotel from the team and Zenzo crew. But of note is that all HOD of teams were staying away from the team’s hotel.
*On arrival Harry bought a cell phone line which he said he had been told to buy so as to keep Sisi (Henrieta Rushwaya) informed back home. He said it was an instruction from Sisi.
*I was very surprised by the way our team was failing to score when missing was more difficult than to score in the game.
*In retrospect the team or players were playing to lose because on 1v1 situations, which were plenty, they were blasting the ball off target when it was easy to hit the target.
*After our first match I called for a team meeting because I was hurt and disturbed by our performance and results, but Shaba, Zenzo,  Chidzambwa and  Ndlovu ran away from me by disappearing without any due notice to me. They went to the Black Sea Night club for a striptease show and they were accompanied by two black guys.

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