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Designer Chabvepi’s Harare Originals go on sale

Gwinyai Lawrence Chabvepi, a local fashion designer, has come up with a new fashion label called Harare Originals and his products hit the local stores this August.

After managing second position in the Faith Wear Design competition in 2004, Chabvepi briefly worked for an advertising agency in Bulawayo before starting a fashion label called Teamplayas Clothing in 2005, which in turn gave birth to Harare Originals.

It was in 2006 that he perfected his idea while he was studying at the University of Zimbabwe and by the end of 2010 Harare Originals had become “a full-grown baby”.

The clothing line has become an instant hit with Zimbabweans based in the Diaspora with sales recorded in countries like Australia, United States, New Zeland, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

“Many Zimbabweans always buy our products when they return home, the reason being that they want something that identifies with their country when they go back to their foreign bases,” said Chabvepi.

The clothing range is specifically targeted at young people because of its unique appeal.

“Our target is the youth, although we also do designs for adults and toddlers. Our range includes T-shirts, polos, knit wear, caps and sports gear among other selections.”

The talented designer who attended the London School of Fashion in Sandton is optimistic about his new fashion label and believes it is going to change the local fashion landscape.

“It is more than just clothing, it is a lifestyle created with the vision of taking Zimbabwe to a global stage,” he said.

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