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MDC-T youths vow to block early elections

The youths also resolved to defend the party leadership against intimidation and violence by Zanu PF political activists.

“After intensive debates and deliberations, the national council of the MDC Youth Assembly resolved to reaffirm our commitment to stop, through disruption and other necessary means, any attempt to conduct an illegal election in Zimbabwe,” Promise Mkhwananzi, the MDC-T youth assembly secretary general said on Wednesday after the assembly’s first national council meeting.

“The national council of the MDC-T youth assembly resolved to defend the party, its leadership, members and the people of Zimbabwe against violence and all forms of oppression.”

Mugabe has indicated that the country will go for polls with or without a new constitution this year to undo the unity government between his Zanu PF party and the former opposition MDC factions.

But there have been calls for the postponement of polls until after reforms guaranteeing free and fair polls.

Analysts say the country is not ready for fresh polls while the business community has called for their postponement to ensure the economy recovers first after years of collapse.

The MDC-T youth assembly also said it had launched a campaign to mobilise the country’s youths to register as voters during the next elections.

“The national council of the MDC Youth Assembly resolved to reaffirm our commitment to engage in mass mobilisation of all young people to register as voters, to vote and most importantly to defend the election outcome,” Mkhwananzi said.

A report released recently by the Zimbabwe Election Support Network (Zesn), noted that youths are absent from the voters roll as “they have lost active interest in participating in national elections”.

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