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Welshman Ncube says Tsvangirai is ‘empty’

Ncube was reacting to statements attributed to Tsvangirai in a recent interview with the France-based Africa Report where he ruled out an election pact with MDC saying it had become a regional party.

“I do not know what seized the PM to cause him to accuse us of retreating into being a regional party,” Ncube said.

“Could he be suggesting that a party becomes regional once its president originates from outside Mashonaland and his or her mother language is Ndebele? I hope not.”

Ncube said he hoped it was the last time “we have to sink to this level of shamelessness, despicability and emptiness”.

He said Zimbabweans expected politicians to be discussing issues and policies.

Tsvangirai was quoted saying: “Now they have retreated to be a regional party; so I don’t think that is healthy for uniting the people.

“So we will have to put that into consideration, as to whether they want to be a national flag or (sic),” Tsvangirai was quoted as saying.

But Ncube said his party was probably more representative of the country’s ethnic groupings than MDC-T.

Ncube is from the Midlands, his deputy Edwin Mushoriwa is from Harare and the party’s chairman Goodrich Chimbaira hails from Chitungwiza.

“Just for the record, I wish to assure the PM that we will contest his party, himself, Zanu PF and its leader, at the next election, in every ward, every constituency and in the presidential election,” he said.

“We will seek the vote of every Zimbabwean in every village, every city, every town and every compound where ever found.

“We promise the PM that he will not only find us in the region he presumes our party is found in but in every other region of the country.”

The charged exchange between Ncube and Tsvangirai will dash any hopes that the two MDC factions will unite to challenge Zanu PF in the next elections.

Tsvangirai has also refused to support Ncube’s party in its fight to remove Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara from his post.

Mutambara refused to relinquish the post after he lost the MDC presidency to Ncube at the party’s congress early this year.

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