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Savanhu bent on discrediting MDC-T

The service delivery that the MDC has provided to Mbare residents in the short period of two years surpasses by far that provided by the previous  Zanu PF-led  council over the past 30 years.

Mbare is beginning to take shape again due to the wisdom and hard work of the  MDC-T-led council leadership, despite the continuing interference by Local Government and Urban Development minister, Ignatious Chombo. Not only that, the Mbare Zanu PF mafia, the so-called Chipangano, is busy trying by all means to discredit the MDC-T and the city council.

Chipangano routinely  harasses residents suspected to be supporters of MDC;  causing havoc and generally making life hell for the people of this poor suburb. Mbare residents are being forced out of their legitimate accommodation. And, as usual, the police are not taking any action but instead are conniving with these terror gangs to cause pandemonium in the suburb.

What Savanhu was telling the people of Mbare was a clear sign of the last kicks of a dying horse.
No matter how much  money he spends on bribing Mbare residents to vote for his Zanu PF, he will still lose as happened in the  March 2008 elections. We just hope the elections will be free and fair.

DR Mutungagore,  Mutare.

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